About me

I’m a small-time, local real estate investor in the Washington DC Metro Area. I live and work on Capitol Hill and have a full time day job (I’m a web developer, if you’re interested), so this is a side thing for me. I got into real estate by dumb luck, basically. I found a good deal on Craigslist, and things kinda grew from there. I currently own and manage the properties listed on this site.

Because I’m not some big management company or real estate tycoon, I take a keen interest in my properties and tenants. I don’t pretend to have all the answers or to know exactly what I’m doing, but what I lack in experience and knowledge, I try to make up for in flexibility and cooperation.

While I do enjoy real estate investing, I’m not doing this for my health. It is investing and I am out to make money with it. That said, I have basically no overhead and I have a day job, so I don’t need to squeeze every penny I can from every deal. I’m much happier to work out a win-win situation in which both parties walk away happy. I’m very flexible and completely reasonable and will entertain just about anything. That doesn’t mean I’ll agree to anything, but I’m always willing to listen. Because I’m local and know the area, I can be a lot more than a landlord. I’ve had people over for drinks, to parties, given private tours of the city, helped with networking and business establishment, etc. I can be a good resource–espeically to people looking to move into the area.

And so with all that said, this is my humble website, basically a landing page to point folks like you to when I come across some sort of deal. Look around and drop me a line if you think we can do business.

Thanks for stopping by!