1246 Carrollsburg Place, SW, Washington DC 20024

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This unit is the lower floor of a two story rowhouse. Approximately 1000 square feet. It’s laid out into a living room, bathroom, utilitiy closet, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and a small back yard with a small wooden deck. Built in 1904, this classic Southwest Waterfront town home is ready to go. Located just 12 blocks from the US Capitol Building, it’s got lots of local restaurants, bars, a few clubs,a waterfront park, tons of free street parking, and is only 3 blocks from the ramps to I295 and I395. This rental is located just a block from the new Nationals Stadium. It’s only a block and a half to the metro and 2.5 blocks to a Safeway Supermarket. You won’t find a better location!

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Neighborhood Comments

This location is ideal. The neighborhood is very friendly. The number one question I get (other than, ‘is it still available’) is, ‘is the neighborhood safe?’ I would say that yes, it is safe. But you need to realize that this is inner city DC. You need to have a bit of common sense and not do stuff like leave nice things outside, leave doors unlocked, wander dark alleys at midnight, etc. This neighborhood is on the upside of the transition from bad place to good place. It’s not the best neighborhood in DC, but it’s far from being the worst. I suppose on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being beverly hills and 1 being a slum) this is probably a 6. The cars on the street are relatively nice and don’t have “The Club” in them. Some of the doors/windows in the area still have bars, but certainly not all. Since I have owned this place (and other places on this street), I know of no break ins or anything like that. Because it’s Capitol Hill, there is a huge police presence. The neighbors are great and really look out for each other. It’s the kind of street that when you walk down, people say hi to you. Most people on the street own so properties are relatively well taken care of. The street still has a few transitional properties left, but many if not most have been renovated. This area is on the up-side of the Southwest revitalization push. Finding a spot right in front of the house is never an issue as far as parking goes. It’s 9 blocks directly south of the US Capitol Building (practically walking distances for you Congressional Staffers!) Plenty of places to go eat, drink and be merry in the area. All that said, please don’t substitute my opinion of the area for your own. It’s always best to come check the place out for yourself.


small pets are allowed, but require twice the security deposit. The deal is basically that I don’t want to be able to tell that there was a pet there when you leave. And if that isn’t the case, I’m going to use your deposit to make that the case.


utilities are on you. Water is split with the lady upstairs. Based on previous tenants, you can expect to spend about $60/mo on utilities.