Today may be your lucky day. You may just have found a place to stay! (And that rhymes. And what rhymes is good. Says Pumuckel.)
(If you’re German, you think that’s hysterical. And if you’re not, you have no idea what I’m talking about and you should just ignore it and read on.)

You probably found this site by my ad on Craigslist (gotta love Craigslist, right?) Regardless of you how you got here, thanks for stopping by. I’m a small-time landlord/owner with some places for rent near Capitol Hill. And this is my site to help rent those rooms. I’m not a realtor or developer or anything like that. (Actually, I’m a web designer by trade.) But I stumbled onto a fixer-upper in DC, fixed it up, rented it out, and thus started my life as a landlord. I’ve picked up a few more properties since then. To the right is a list of my available properties and a bit about each one.

My houses are all pretty similar. They’re all in the SW quadrant of DC (what is becoming known as the “Stadium District” (per the new Nationals Baseball Park). If you know DC, this is the area that is basically between Capitol Hill Proper, and the SW Waterfront (Note: a lot of people get scared off when they hear ‘SW DC. Don’t. Give it a fair chance. This place is not the SW that it was 10 years ago–not even close. I don’t deny that some of SW is still rough, but this place has turned around. There is more about this topic on my FAQ page.) Not convinced? Check out http://www.capitolriverfront.org/. Here’s a video of the area:
These houses are in the heart of the Capitol Riverfront Development Area. Most of my places are shared houses (ie, 2-4 random strangers come together and live in the same house as roommates.) Some units are just for one person (or two people on the same lease.) Most units are NOT furnished by me, but many are semi-furnished just by the fact that your roommates have stuff already in the house. Some of the houses are newly renovated while others have more of that “Capitol Hill Charm” (as the realtors like to call it ;-) . Anyway, all my rentals are listed on each page, to the right. I keep this page pretty updated, so no need to ask me if it’s available. If it says it is, it is. What a system, huh? ;-)

PS: Be sure to read my General Terms and FAQ. It will answer 98% of your questions about leases, roommates, terms, what the area is like, etc. If you email me and asking things like “what’s the area like” or “are pets allowed” or other common questions, I’m going to refer you back to the FAQ page (sorry–I just get too many inquires to type out the same answers ever time ;-) .

Sight Unseen Renters

I’d guesstimate that at least a third of my renters take the place without having seen it. And that’s totally okay with me. I’ve attempted to make this site as informative and candid as possible so that you can decide on the place without having to actually visit. Granted, nothing replaces a visit, but this is the next best thing. So if you’re house hunting from home, feel free to drop me a line, and I can answer whatever questions you have.

BTW, below is a custom map, to give you a quick perspective of where my properties are:

Map of DC area